Cosmopolitan horoscope week of february 9

Everything you need to know to prepare for your upcoming week — and which celebrity you should be channeling.
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What IS going on in your dark, stormy mind this month? You're always a 'go big or go home' gal. Keep your secrets, then, but know that it'll all come out eventually. Plan for that moment and how you're going to persuade and cajole others to get on board with you. You DO need them sometimes , you know.

You've been doing too much again. We've talked about this before, Sagittarius.

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I KNOW you can take on more in one day than I could in a week, but that energy has to be renewed and rebooted sometimes too. Take a BIG load off this month.

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Stop doing stuff, cut your losses, walk away! Some of what you're investing energy in is a dead loss, I tell you, so quit it and you won't notice anyway. Treat yo'self every day. You need some TLC.

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No one works harder or plans better for the future than you. An in-built sense of self preservation and improvement keeps you on track for making your life better and better And you are still on that track, even if something has changed or left or gone or fucked up. Don't stress. It's all good, because the gap left behind, is the perfect shape for a new piece of magic to enter and fit into your life. Trust in your future: you deserve, and are due, a bright one.

You're a funny bird, Aquarius.

Both adventurous and reluctant, both slightly chilly and yet full of humanity. Time to collaborate with, and FOCUS, all of those weird, opposing and wonderful facets of your nature to pursue something you feel would be authentically YOU. It might be a job, a course, a venture, a trip And it has. Just get yourself IN there, step forward, show overt interest.

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Well, they are! Form a queue, boys. So what's stopping you? This is absolutely where you should be spending your time and energy. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

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People's Choice Awards best red carpet looks. Why Harry, William, Meghan and Kate sat separately. Caitlyn Jenner: Kylie Jenner's a 'wonderful mum'. Why does The Queen wear 5 poppies? Prince Harry drops Meghan Markle pregnancy hint. CosmopolitanUK Getty Images. Want to know what's in store for your star sign this month? It's all in the cards Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Valentine's tip: manifest a romantic fantasy of yours IRL. I dare you.

You don't need anyone's permission, or hand-holding, to get on with this. It's your baby. More From Yearly horoscope and tarot forecast. Scorpio traits and personality explained. November horoscopes for every star sign. Star sign dates and symbols explained. Off your own back, using your own talents and graft. Keep this going, Taurus.

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This is how you win at life. Valentine's tip: give someone a second chance. They're sorry, and they appreciate now what you mean to them. You've had a bright idea. A terrible, wonderful, bright idea like the Grinch had, you know, about that stealing Christmas thing But Gemini is going to do what Gemini is going to do, come hell or high water, come rain or shine.

Brace yourself that not everyone will agree with this latest escapade. Go on then, get to it. Success is imminent! If only you could see how close you are to cracking this nut. Keep going.

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And, though your eyes are obvs on your prize, do savour the journey, the process, the development this is all bringing to you. It is also a very good month for booking your summer trips and holidays. Whatever plans you make now will be well starred. Someone is going to give you a lifeline this month. Pulling you out of somewhere shit, quite frankly.

Take it! You're ready for pastures new, and take it from me that things aren't going to improve where you're at. Let others lead you to a new energy source, and start BIG. Show these new bods how fab you are. Focus on those who are good to you, and take them on an adventure. Randomly, there's a definite sense of 'back to school' for you this month. Well, give it to them, then. Go on.