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Astrology: Forecasts It is widely believed that Secondary Progressions reflect the evolution of the personality, whereas the other sky with the aspects of the natal chart, and on the repetitions of the same themes by different techniques.
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For example, the year my natal retrograde Neptune turned direct by Secondary Progression was the year my daughter was born, Neptune rules my 5th house, that of all types of creativity, including children of course! The Progressed Sun travels through a sign in approximately 30 years, some characteristics of the natal Sun sign will remain throughout your life but as the Sun progresses through the next sign it takes up some of the features of that sign and also of the modality of the sign it enters.

For example if you are born with a Gemini Sun which is a mutable sign then sooner or later your Secondary Progressed Sun will move into Cancer a Cardinal Sign and eventually into Leo a Fixed sign. The year in which your Progressed Sun changes signs or makes an aspect to a natal or progressed planet or angle will probably be an important period of personal development and self-expression.

Moon is about moods and feelings, protection and nurturing as well as patterns of behaviour and routine. Every years the Progressed Moon will begin a new emotional cycle as it conjoins the natal or the progressed Sun in your chart.

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This is known as the Progressed New Moon. Transits from and to the Progressed Moon are very important since the Moon moves quickly and each degree of orb will be active for approximately two months. This is one of the most important planets to follow in the Secondary Progressions. Mercury describes the way our mind works, our thinking processes, how we learn and communicate.

As it progresses around the chart it takes on the hues of the sign it is journeying through. Difficult aspects to and from this progressed planet might indicate periods of restlessness or constant activity. When progressed, for Mercury, Venus and Mars, the orb of activity will last approximately two years, longer if the planet is stationary direct or retrograde. Contacts to and from progressed Venus could involve increased social contacts, focus on relationships, creative expression and all things to which we give value. Hard aspects may indicate difficulties in these areas.

Progressed Birth Charts: What They Are and Why They Matter

If you know someone well and have regular contact with him or her you can notice this change, which will occur in how they respond emotionally. You are also likely to notice it in yourself. For example, if your Natal Moon is in Capricorn, logic and practicality will significantly drive your emotional reactions. The change is subtle, but if you look at your own decisions and reactions, or those of someone close to you, over several years time there will be a noticeable difference. I've know astrologers and clients who counted down the days until they got out of a progressed Moon sign they were uncomfortable with.

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I was one of them when mine was in Cancer. Another important feature of the progressed chart is that planets that were retrograde when you were born may station direct by progression or vice versa which can also have a noticeable effect. I knew one client who has Mars retrograde in his natal chart and had been a victim of physical abuse while he was growing up.

When he was 16, Mars stationed direct by progression and at that time he finally stood up to his father and the abuse stopped.

Astrological Progression for Beginners

Progressed charts are not only a tool for determining changes in your personality and view of the world as you grow older, but can also be used in predictive astrology. Transits affect the Progressed Chart as well as the Natal Chart. The Progressed Chart and other factors, such as Transits and Lunations, will simply help pin down the time that it occurs.

Aspects are read in a similar manner to those on a Natal Chart with reports available for the interpretations. Another chart that changes with time is the Solar Return Chart. This chart is cast based on when the Sun returns to its exact same position when you were born, which will be right around your birthday.

How Zodiac Signs Change Over Time, According To Astrological Progression | YourTango

The actual date may vary a day one way or the other and of course the other planets are in different positions. This chart provides a very accurate view of what you might expect in the coming year with an approximate three month overlap at the beginning and end. But how can we apply that idea to the four Angles? Every sign rises once every day, in other words. So technically, by this method of progression, each year would see the four Angles make a complete circuit of your chart.

This is actually a legitimate method of calculating progressions.

Secondary progressions in astrology

It is called Daily Houses. But these Angles have a quick, triggering effect, like the transits of the inner planets. We tend not to use them in more evolutionary, thematic kinds of astrology.

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